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NPPO: Training

Tone at the Top presented by Nonprofit Program Office Office of Research and Development Department of Veterans Affairs (1 MB, PPT)

How to complete an IPA Form - Assignment Agreement.Title IV of the Intergovernmental Personnel Act

VA Employees or Those with Access to TMS

VA employees and non-VA employees can both access the Talent Management System (TMS) from anywhere internet connectivity can be established.

In the event you cannot log on to the TMS system, please consult with your Local VA Research Staff and ask that on your behalf they work with the local Education Department to load the segments. VA employees and non-VA employees can both access the Talent Management System (TMS) from anywhere internet connectivity can be established.

Two Required Training Segments in TMS

  1. Mandatory Internal Control Training
  2. Conflicts of Interest (COI) Training for VA Nonprofits

Logging into TMS

1. Log in to the URL

2. Use you TMS Log-In

3. Search the catalog for Mandatory Internal Control Training

4. Add to your To-Do List

5. Return to Home page of TMS

6. Mandatory Internal Control Training course should be visible

7. Complete training

8. Complete evaluation

9. Print your certificate of completion for your records and to send to NPPO

Non - Veterans Affairs User on the Talent Learning System (TMS)

Logging into TMS

Log in to the URL

You will see the following screen:

Non - Veterans Affairs User on the Talent Learning System (TMS)

The arrow points to "Create A New User" for persons outside the VA who desire to access the TMS.

The next screen caveats the restricted uses for the system and allows the interested person to self-enroll.

VA TMS Self Enrollment

After selecting the appropriate category the user is taken to the next screen, where they are allowed to create their own account. Once this page is complete they left-mouse click on the SUBMIT button in the lower right corner.

VA TMS  My Account Information

At that point the information has to be verified and information is e-mailed to them about their user ID.

After the User ID is e-mailed, proceed with the Directions above for the VA Employee or Those with Access...

The VA Talent Management System web site is intended for employees and staff of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veteran-related information about education, benefits, and other services are available on the VA Home Page.

Security Notice: This U.S. Government computer system is for official use only. The files on this system include Federal records that contain sensitive information. All activities on this system may be monitored to measure network performance and resource utilization; to detect unauthorized access to or misuse of the system or individual files and utilities on the system, including personal use; and to protect the operational integrity of the system. Further use of this system constitutes your consent to such monitoring. Misuse of or unauthorized access to this system may result in criminal prosecution and disciplinary, adverse, or other appropriate action.

March 14-15 Executive Directors Training:

1 - NPC New ED Ethics Training March 2017

2 - Perspectives from New ED 2017

3 - NAVREF (1)


5 - Get To Know Your PI

6 - Growing Your NPC 3-08-17

NPPO Checklist 2017

UPDATED NPPO On-Site Reviews - New Executive Director's Training, Kansas City, MO

VERANNE Overview Page

What are your expectations in your role as ED and your personal goals as...


Please feel free to contact the NPPO Staff Members. E-mails and phone numbers are listed below.

Kim Collins, MBA
Nonprofit Program Office Director
Office of Research and Development
Veterans Health Administration

Allan Krehbiel, CPA

Paula Floyd, MPA
Management Analyst

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