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VA Technology Transfer Program

* VA users may access more detailed information concerning agreement templates and TTP policies through the VA intranet. Instructions for accessing the VA intranet may be found at the bottom of this page."

Search for VA technologies in the TechLink database and receive no-cost licensing assistance.


The mission of the VA Technology Transfer Program (TTP) is to facilitate the commercialization of VA inventions to benefit Veterans and the American public. (See 15 U.S.C. § 3710 – Utilization of Federal Technology)

USPTO Issued VA Patents

VA Invention Disclosures

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Mailing Address:
U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs
Technology Transfer Program (10X2TT)
810 Vermont Ave, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20420

Electronic Inquires:

Inquires related to the Invention Disclosures (ID) process or Inventor Certifications (IC):

Inquires related to CRADA issues (including process questions and eCRADA registry) or submission of annual reporting requirements: A Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (known as a CRADA) is an agreement between a government agency and a private company or university to work together on research and development.

Inquires related to either patent or royalty questions:

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NOTE: CRADAs and some policy documents are available on the VA intranet only. If you have access go to:

Specialty Team Advising Research (STAR) is a legal team dedicated to research issues. This resource is available on the intranet only. If you have intranet access, copy and paste the link below into your browser.

What's New

Technology Transfer welcomes two new team members: Alicia Ming, MPA and Patricia Cullum, M.Ed.

KDKATV Sunday Business Page: VA Pittsburgh, Watch this video: Cardiac catheter lab technician, Catherine Abee at the Department of Veterans Affairs Pittsburgh Medical Center has developed a pulse oximeter probe integrated into a bandage-like harness, which contains a disposable chemical energy heating source to help obtain more accurate pulse oximetry readings consistent with values obtained with an arterial blood gas. (Mar. 17, 2019)

VA pushing medical research and inventions to private sector
(Techlink, Feb. 11, 2019)
VA has engaged TechLink, a non-profit partnership intermediary, for marketing and licensing services that see government research and inventions transferred to businesses.

What is Technology Transfer?

Federal Laboratory Consortium - What is Technology Transfer (T2)?

Video overview of technology transfer by the Federal Laboratory Consortium


VA Technology Transfer Directive - provides guidance and instruction regarding intellectual property (inventions) and the transfer of new scientific discoveries to benefit the public good (technology transfer).

VA Technology Transfer Program Briefing (2 MB, PDF)

Managing IP at the VA Research Office; Tips and Hints - webinar slides

- Inventor Brochure
- Research Affiliate Brochure
- Licensee Brochure

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