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Clinical Science Research and Development

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CSR&D Staff Photo. From left: Miriam Smyth, Eric Schwinder, Jarrod Collier, Katrina Foster, Karen Jeans, Lucindia Shouse, Kristina Nord, Ken Myrie, Terri Gleason, Mike Airumian

Clinical Science Research and Development (CSR&D) is focused on moving ideas along the translational pathway from scientific discovery to clinical application in order to advance the healthcare of our Veterans.  We support research focusing on human beings as the unit of examination. Examples include interventional and effectiveness studies, clinical, epidemiological and technological studies.   Investigators interested in CSR&D funding are encouraged to contact the scientific portfolio manager assigned to their research topic area to determine the most appropriate funding mechanism for interventional studies. 

See also Biomedical Laboratory Research and Development (BLR&D)

Detail/Temporary Promotion Opportunity - Health Science Specialist, GS-0601-12/13

DETAIL/TEMPORARY PROMOTION OPPORTUNITY: Office of Research and Development (ORD), VHA Central Office, is seeking an employee interested in a detail or temporary promotion not to exceed 9/30/19 (may be extended additional time up to 120 days if needed) to a Health Science Specialist, GS-0601-12/13.

DESCRIPTION: VA’s Office of Research & Development, Clinical Science Research & Development Service (CSRD) seeks a highly motivated Health Science Specialist to serve on a detail or temporary promotion as a critical team member in our Washington DC location. CSRD’s mission is to support clinical research studies including interventional trials that will lead to advances in VA’s healthcare by establishing the evidence and knowledge base through scientific discovery, and we work together to support our studies that are being conducted throughout the country.

The employee performs functions that may include:

  • Data analytics including portfolio categorization and analysis, e.g., annual report of research studies, topic specific portfolios, etc.
  • Project management, e.g., updating and improving CSRD website information
  • Querying and manipulating databases as well as presenting information from queries in a highly skilled manner
  • Support of special priority topics, e.g., suicide prevention, mental health research, etc.

AREA OF CONSIDERATION: Must be a current, permanent Veterans Health Administration employees

LOCATION: Washington DC; ORD will pay for travel expenses and per diem

TOUR OF DUTY: Negotiable

DURATION: Not to exceed 9/30/19, but may be extended additional time up to 120 days total.

QUALIFICATIONS: Must possess one year as a GS-11 or above and will have one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-11 or GS-12 performing the following examples of specialized experience:

  • Developing policies, procedures, and criteria for administration of a medical research program;
  • Developing project presentations, budget recommendations, and resource allocations for research projects;
  • Managing review of letter of intents (LOI);
  • Identifying individuals to serve on science review committees;
  • Evaluating merit review projects and contributing to general portfolio management.

HOW TO APPLY: To receive consideration, you must obtain your supervisor’s approval and send an email containing a resume and supervisory approval to Laura Rababy at no later than 4:30pm on 06/20/19.



Detail/Temporary Promotion Opportunity - Health Science Specialist, GS-0601-12/13

New Research Recommendations regarding CVD and PTSD; proceedings from NHLBI meeting

CSR&D Is pleased to offer our second PTSD Clinical Trial Training Workshop: This workshop is part of the PTSD Psychopharmacology Initiative (PPI), which was launched in 2016 to identify test, and confirm potential medication treatments for PTSD.  Many new clinical trials addressing this important need have come out of the initiative.  More information is available here.

Suicide Prevention:  CSR&D is highly engaged in supporting research to prevent suicide.  Please see our focused RFA on our Funding page and/or contact us directly with research questions.


Applied Cannabis Research within VA: An Overview & Successful Example (971 KB, PDF)

Resources For the VA Research Community - Information and guidance for investigators, applicants, and research office staff...View

PTSD & Suicide Research Resource - CSRD encourages researchers to incorporate these Common Data elements into their projects: PhenX Toolkit

Guidelines for PTSD Treatment Trials - This meeting summary (4.75 MB, PDF) provides design and implementation recommendations for PTSD treatment trials. The recommendations were developed by scientific experts.

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