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Canine Research in the VA

For a very few, very specific areas of research that Veterans need, so that doctors can know how to better treat the medical problems the Veterans face, the research can only be done with dogs. VA is committed to doing the work that the Veterans need, in keeping with all established ethical, legal, and scientific standards. (Click here for a January 3, 2019 report from the NIH on their inspection and evaluation of the VA stations where research was being conducted with dogs.) The pages in this section of the website address in more detail some Frequently Asked Questions about VA research with dogs, as well as providing information about what has been accomplished by VA research with dogs in the past, and what work is being done now.

Click here to see what a Veteran and his girlfriend say about the value of the VA research with dogs that made the cough stimulator possible.

Click here to see a presentation about VA dog Research and its tremendous benefits to Veterans. * If you have trouble getting the embedded videos in the PDF to play, please click on the links below to open the videos directly.

Videos from VA Canine Research Presentation

  • Cough Stimulator - A device that was developed through VA research with dogs
    • Research Participant Without the Cough Stimulator: Watch
    • Research Participant With the Cough Stimulator: Watch
    • Feedback from Research Participant: Watch
  • Canine Treadmill Stress Test - This video demonstrates a dog running as hard as it's ever asked to run for the research. Watch

More Videos

A Veteran with a Spinal Cord Injury who has a Cough Stimulator that was developed through VA research with dogs

  • Coughing without the help of the Cough Stimulator: Watch
  • Coughing with the help of the Cough Stimulator: Watch

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