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The table below provides access to a library of the presentations that have been given by the Office of the CVMO at various meetings. (Unless noted otherwise, the files below are in PowerPoint format.)


Title of Presentation

Date Posted


AALAS National Meeting (October 2023)

1200.07 VA Research with Animals: The New Directive and Its Companion Guide

VA luncheon presentation - 1200.07 VA Research with Animals: The New Directive and Its Companion Guide


What's the difference between VHA Directive 1200.07 and Guidance Document AR2023-001? How to find what you're looking for.

AALAS National Meeting (October 2022)

Updates and Reminders - What's All the Fuss About Signatures?

You've been approved to wait...


What's the point of the required signatures? When should the documents be signed? What counts as a signature?

AALAS National Meeting (virtual 2021)

Moving Targets

Getting it just right


Changing requirements for annual continuing reviews and semiannual evaluations; How much information is enough and not too much?

AALAS National Meeting (virtual 2020)

A Virtual AAALAC Site Visit

Public Awareness about VA Research with Animals


Tips about managing a virtual AAALAC site visit; updates on recent efforts of those opposed to research with animals

AALAS National Meeting (October 2019)

Which Category?


VA updates, USDA Category assignments, what's new on the VA website for VA research with animals

AALAS National Meeting (October 2018)

After the Site Visit
Responsible Transparency


VA updates, post-site visit responses, transparency

PRIM&R 2018 IACUC Conference (March 2018)

(Session A2) Timing and Substance - How to Respond When Things Go Wrong
PPT slides


Preliminary notification about potentially reportable matters, official reporting after IACUC determination, update on transparency

AALAS National Meeting (October 2017)

Lessons Learned


VA Updates

AALAS National Meeting (November 2016)

The Semiannual Evaluation Process


VA Updates, Semiannual Evaluations

PRIM&R 2016 IACUC Conference (April 2016)

A3: Make Any IACUC More Effective: A VA Perspective


Deficiencies, Deviations, AAALAC Hot Button Issues, VA Update

AALAS National Meeting (November 2015)

Opening slides

ACORP Appd 9 examples

Guide specifically established exception list

NSM and NAM Flowcharts

Understanding ACORP Appendix 9


VA Update, Understanding Appendix 9 of the ACORP, NSM/NAM qualifications

PRIM&R 2015 IACUC Conference (March 2015), Session A15 10:45-12:00 on 3/19

A15 Huang handout 1 Scenario

A15 Huang handout 2 Simpler VVC Flow

A15 Huang handout 3 Detailed VVC Flow

A15 Richerson handout 4 Departures

Session A15 Slide Set PRIMR 2015


Doing Right by the Animals to Serve Veterans Handouts 1, 2, 3, and 4 are for you to download, review, and consider ahead of time, before the session. The slide set will be used to guide discussion during the session. Download this to follow along if you will be participating on the VANTS line. Do not peek if you want to want the full effect!

AALAS National Meeting (October 2014)

VA Animal Research Update


MOUs - a Story

What to Include in ACORPs


News, MOUs, and ACORPs

PRIMR IACUC Meeting (April 2014)

PRIMR IACUC Meeting; Session C16, A Dialogue with the VA

Common Problems Identified during Secondary Review of ACORPs

Not Just the Usual...IACUC Functions


Current topics in VA animal research

AALAS Meeting (October 2013)

VA Animal Research Update and More Guide Departures and Deviations


A list of pressing topics for the coming year and four IACUC scenarios to practice proper characterization of Guide deviations/departures.

PRIM&R IACUC Meeting (March 2013)

The Continuing Saga of Deviations & Departures


A discussion of selected "should" statements, with examples of specifically described exemptions, and an approved departure. This presentation also includes guidance on using Appendix 9 of ACORP (version 4) to document an approved departure.

PRIM&R IACUC Meeting (March 2013)

What's New from the Office of the CVMO? Tools to Facilitate Compliance with the 8th Edition of the Guide


A summary of new features in Version 4 of the ACORP, and the most recent version of the forms for reporting Semiannual Evaluations of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Program and Facilitites.

AALAS National Meeting

(November 2012)

Deviations and Departures


Categorizing deviations and departures from the 8th Edition of the Guide can be challenging; this presentation reviews example cases, reporting requirements and flowcharts to aid the IACUC in making appropriate determinations.

AALAS National Meeting

(November 2012)

Suspension, Termination, Stop


Reviews terminology, explains which entity has the authority to take these actions, and clarifies reporting requirements.

AALAS National Meeting

(October 2011)

Complying with the 8th Edition of the Guide


Highlights of the 8th Edition of the Guide

AALAS National Meeting

(October 2011)

Must-Should-May in the 8th Edition of the Guide


A table of the "must", "should", and "may" statements found in the 8th edition of the Guide


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