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The use of animals in VA research is a privilege granted to those investigators and programs that commit to meeting the highest ethical and regulatory standards. VA animal care and use programs must follow VA policy on the use of animals found in Handbook 1200.07, "Use of Animals in Research", which incorporates compliance with USDA Animal Welfare Act Regulations and PHS Policy. All VA animal care and use programs are accredited by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC, International). VA places great emphasis on the importance of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) in self-regulation and accountability of local programs. ORD support for field animal care and use programs is coordinated by the office of the Chief Veterinary Medical Officer (CVMO).

Mission and Activities

The primary mission of the CVMO's office is to provide professional and administrative guidance and support to VA field animal care and use programs. This is accomplished by phone and email consultations, periodic training sessions, and development of web-based support systems. IACUC support and training site visits to local programs can be arranged. A variety of representative documents are available, including memoranda of understanding with affiliates, VMO and animal facility supervisor position descriptions, and animal facility standard operating procedures. The CVMO provides a yearly summary of VA animal research issues at the annual meeting of the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS), typically at lunchtime on the Tuesday of the meeting at noontime. The office also provides support for research staff experiencing difficulties using the CITI website for research compliance training.


CVMO: Michael T. Fallon, DVM, PhD, DACLAM, CPIA
Atlanta VA Medical Center
Research Service- 508/151V, Room 4A106
1670 Clairmont Road
Decatur, GA 30033
404-327-4964 (FAX)
404-728-7644 (Ofc)

Staff Scientist and Deputy, IACUC Guidance:

Alice Huang, PhD, CPIA
Atlanta VA Medical Center
Research Service- 508/151V, Room 4A107
1670 Clairmont Road
Decatur, GA 30033
404-327-4964 (FAX)
404-417-1823 (Ofc)

Assistant CVMO:

Joan Richerson, MS, DVM, MS, DACLAM, CPIA
Tennessee Valley Healthcare System
Research Service- 151, F-201 ACRE Bldg.
1310 24th Ave South
Nashville, TN 37212
615-752-5018 (FAX)
615-574-8198 (Ofc)

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