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Presentations about VA Research with Animals





27 February 2023

Dept. of Veterans Affairs Policy on Research with Animals (slides)

Oversight of VA Animal Research (diagram)

IACUC Reporting: What to Report Right Away, to Whom (diagram)

NIH Office of Animal Care and Use Study Session

A summary of VA-specific policy on research with animals, in the context of all requirements that apply

2 April 2020

Animal Research Regulations—The Role of IACUC and AAALAC in Animal Research Oversight—Part 2

FASEB webinar

An overview of the role of the IACUC—what it does, why, and how to make it effective

26 March 2020

Animal Research Regulations - Understanding Federal Oversight Mechanisms - Part 1

FASEB webinar

Overview of the federal regulations in place to protect laboratory animals, including the Animal Welfare Act and Regulations, the Public Health Service Policy, and the policies of the Department of Veterans Affairs, for research conducted with animals

17 July 2019

VA Research with Dogs, Cats, and Non-Human Primates

VA Office of Research Oversight Nationwide Bimonthly Call

Update - Why VA does this research, How does VA oversee it, and Where is more information about it available

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